Feb 22-25 – Music for Beasts

The Royal Swedish Cavalry Band takes their full musical prowess on tour performing works by Hugo Alfvén, John Williams and Charles Ives, as well as a newly written piece by Daniel Nelson with the very appropriate name Music for Beasts!

Vi bjuder på marscher ni känner igen och marscher ni aldrig har hört, samt garanterat nya musikaliska upplevelser, allt under ledning av musikdirektör David Björkman.

Music for Beasts uruppfördes i januari 2018 och mottogs mycket väl av både publik och DN:s recensent.

The program offers marches you recognize and marches you have never heard of, as well as guaranteed new musical experiences, all under the able direction of music director David Björkman.

Music for Beasts was premiered in January 2018 and was received with acclaim by both audiences and music critics alike!

Just nu finns det inga bokade konserter